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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

About Your Counselor

     Your counselor has been serving individuals and couples in the western metro Detroit communities for over twenty-one years  For the past eighteen years Dr. Monroe has served as director of the Hope Counseling Center and has seen about one hundred individuals or couples per year.  He has effectively counseled both individuals and couples from a variety of social, economic, ethic and religious backgrounds. 
      David has a Doctor of Psychology degree and a Doctor of Ministry degree which makes him uniquely qualified to address psycho-social and religious issues.  He has served on several professional and religious organization's board of directors.  David served as president of the Michigan Mental Health Counselors Association and on the governing council for the Michigan Counseling Association. 
     Dr. Monroe's approach to counseling begins with a review of  the client's counseling issues or problems.  Then counseling goals are established to address these problems and achieve the changes they would like to have.  Next  advice and assignments are given on how the client can accomplish their goals.  A complete detailed personal history is taken to understand any past causes for the current problems.  The counseling is focused on reaching the client's goals.  Counseling is completed when the goals have been achieved to the satisfaction of the client.   
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